Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Trendy Star Jr NTR Temper which created a great Temper in Telugu Film Industry as well as among the fans and movie lovers with his trendy look followed by an incredible intensity shown in the collections for iniial days after release was ended as Above Average Temper by the reports of Trade Analysts.

As per the reports, Jr NTR Temper only showed its Temper in Karnataka and Overseas by getting good profits followed by the break even in Nizam area, but the Temper was almost ended with 15-20% loss in AP. Finally, based on all the reports Jr NTR Temper was declared as An Above Average Temper by the trade analysts and Telugu Film Industry.

Surprisingly, Jr NTR Temper which started its Temper Day by unanimous talk as ‘Blockbuster Hit Of the Year’ from the giants of film industry and by the fans and movie lovers ended as “An Above Average Film”. Most of the Nandamuri fans who were expected that their Trendy Star would enter into 50 crores club with Temper became a Nightmare for them.

What made a Blockbuster Temper into an An Above Average Temper? Who was responsible for this final result of Jr NTR Temper? Who was the sinner behind this unexpected result for Temper? These were the questions which racking the brains of Nandamuri fans and movie lovers after this unexpected result.

Many of the Nandamuri fans were sighing in disappointment by expressing their pain as ” This was not the first time for Jr NTR films which started as Super hit were finally ending as Average or Above Average. By Temper we expected and anticipated that Jr NTR definitely join in 50 crore club. But as per the results it was really hard to digest that Temper didn’t have any chance to join 50 cr club.”

Nandamuri fans were telling that Bandla Ganesh and Temper Team including Jr NTR, Puri Jagannadh were responsible for this result because they were promoted well, even though we were expressing our anguish to them for not doing promotions. Some Jr NTR fans were telling that some star heroes turned the fate of their average film into Super Hit by Promotions. So, what happened to Jr NTR for not promoting Temper which had a caliber to collect more than 50 cr as per the talk?

Some fans were satirically expressing their pain as ” Bandla Ganesh was cent percent succeeded to make Temper as an Average by keeping his penny with him. After getting his money, Bandla Ganesh kept Temper movie as an Orphan by keeping away it from promotions.”

For this result, Jr NTR was also responsible along with Bandla Ganesh. If Jr NTR didn’t involve in promotions for his films, definitely all his films would ended as Average or Above Average.

But, finally some fans pleading Jr NTR as ” Jr NTR sir, we don’t want to promote a worthless film into super hit or blockbuster hit by degrading yourself. Even the good films like Temper definitely needed promotions to reach each and everyone. Tarak, by your next film we were expecting that you would consider our pain about promotions. You Know better How B-town biggies do for their films even they got negative result.”

So, Let’s Wait and See, ” How Jr NTR would consider his fans plea?”