Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Failure is a stepping stone of success. A failure gives a strength to be more careful. Especially in the film industry if this logic is missed out, the consequences will cost crores.

Surya’s previous film Sikandar was a disaster in both Tamil and also in Telugu. The huge stars like Surya and Samantha also could not help the film in any way as the script was considered to be very old.

So this time, Surya is not taking any chance for another failure. So he planned a movie with the well known director Venkat Prabhu. The movie unit had released a teaser recently and it is now trending on all the social networking sites.

The teaser begins showing Surya and from there picks up to the montage shots, fights, chasing and lot more. Throughout the trailer, Surya is shown in three different roles. At the end of the trailer, Surya is seen as a ghost with the sharp and long teeth.

Previously Gajini was an experimental film in Surya’s career and it garnered a huge success in Telugu too. Later even the Tamil hit films of Surya could not manage to do well in Telugu. Again after so long time, now it is ‘Masss’ which is another experimental film and and it is releasing soon in Telugu too amidst of high expectations.