Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Swara Bhaskar Slams Netizens For Criticising Kareena-Saif’s Son’s Name Jehangir Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have welcomed their second baby this year in February and recently revealed their second son’s full name ‘Jehangir Ali Khan’ in her book Pregnancy Bible. There has been a lot of discussion over it on social media, especially on Twitter. Saif and Kareena have faced criticism for naming their second son after the Mughal Emperor Jehangir. On Wednesday, Swara Bhasker defended her friend and co-star Kareena and Saif.Also Read – Kareena Kapoor Discloses Saif Ali Khan’s Reaction to Her Reduced Sex-Drive During Pregnancy

Swara Bhasker wrote the tweet in Hindi and used hashtag ‘Jehangir’ and ‘mind your own business’. “Kissi dammpatti ne apne bachchon ke naam rakhe hain, aur woh dammpatti aap nahi hain. Par aapko ispar rai hai ke naam hai aur kyu hai, aur aapke dimaag mein yeh ek mudda hai, jisse aapki bhavnayein aahat hain. Toh aap iss duniya ke sabse bade gadhon mein ek hain. (A couple has named its children, and that couple isn’t you. But you have opinions about the names, and in your mind, this is an issue that has hurt your feelings. You are among the world’s biggest donkeys)”, Swara tweeted. Also Read – Kareena Kapoor Khan Turns Producer After Jehangir’s Birth, Alongside Ekta Kapoor For Hansal Mehta Thriller – Read Deets

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Soon after Jeh’s name started trending on Twitter, Saif’s sister Saba Ali Khan took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of one of the reports claiming that the baby’s actual name is Jehangir. She wrote alongside, “Jeh… JAAN.” She also wrote, “What’s in a name? Love… live and let it be. Children are God’s blessings.”

Several trolls said, “Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor seems to be running a 21st-century Mughal dynasty by naming their kids after erstwhile Mughal Rulers. Taimur is followed by Jahangir. I hope Saif doesn’t consider himself to be Babur!”

Another troll wrote, “Jahangir was so brutal that skinning people alive was his fav type of punishment .. Kareena said that Saif is a history buff.. I am sure he is that’s why he named his son Jahangir”.

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