Tamasha Film Review « Film Dhamaka

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Screenplay by: Imtiaz Ali
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Date Released: 27 November 2015
Genre: Romance Drama
Duration: 139 minutes

What keeps you sit patiently and watch the one hundred and forty minutes of drama is the performance factor of the lead pair and their on screen chemistry that looks stunning. But apart from that, Tamasha from director Imthiaz Ali is enjoyable only in parts that fails to click completely.

Ved who is a fun loving and free-spirited guy and Tara meet for the first time in Corsica, an Island in France. They decide not to reveal their real identity to each other and introduce themselves as Don and Mona darling, the famous filmy characters from Bollywood. The couple spend some valuable time in the company of each other and return back to India parting ways.

But they bump into each other years later, four years to be precise but to Tara’s surprise find that Ved has changed from that free-spirited youth to something that she could not imagine.

The fun element is mostly reserved for the first one hour or so. It seems Imthiaz Ali wanted to pass a strong message which he conveyed loud and clear in the post-intermission portion. Tamasha ask us to break out of the shell and live for our dreams revealing our true identity instead of keeping our aspirations close to our heart within ourselves. Something good that we can take back home.

Still the path through which Tamasha travel do turn boring with less excitement and as said, its the performance and Ranbeer-Deepika onscreen presence that helps the film to be a one time watchable one. They duo pump in lot of energy through their efforts and watching them on screen was a treat. The scene were Deepika breaks in front of Ranbeer confessing her mistakes was an absolute delight to watch and at the same time touchy too.

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Tamasha has high visual appeal. Supported by excellent behind the camera works, S Ravi Varman has captured the beatiful Island of Corsica giving a rich and beautiful feel and colour tone to the film. One also cannot forget the contributions from music maestro A R Rahman whose tracks and background score had a magical and mystical feel to it.

One can find the director borrowing concepts already shown by himself here. How far you can enjoy the film and how you find the presentation of love and ways of living totally depend on your tastes. There are moments that will stay with you but taking the film completely, I could find it only as an average one.