Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Tanglish is another offering from Bench Culture, this one here deals with the most dreaded issue by the youngsters of today. Who are insecure about their ability to converse in “English”.

This happens mostly to the lads from small towns who grow up learning in their local tongue. What they forget is their potential and the people from big cities treating them indifferent makes this worse.

Tanglish directed by Dwarakh Raja pictured this issue tastefully with humour which just gels with the characters and doesn’t seem forced.

Tanglish becomes a good watch mainly for its actors performances, because there are so many short films which have great story and promising subjects but they get lost in the crowd due to lack of performance from their participating characters.

The lead Linga was great with his body language and dialogue delivery which was well supported by Vivek Prasanna, who is slowly creeping up to reach great heights.

Cinematographer Balaji Subramanyam and Editor Praveen Kumar did a fine job with Maria Gerald churning out a good score.