Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

E-cigarettes are far from the help of teenagers to quit smoking, they may initiate more teenagers into getting addicted to nicotine since the adolescents feel they are ‘cool’, ‘fun’, and ‘something new’ for experimentation according to a new research.
“Though e-cigarettes are mostly used as a device for the smoking cessation among adults, the studies revealed that most studies gets motivated to the factors like fun/cool/something new factors of e-cigarettes,” shared Michael Khoury, one of the researchers who performed a research on the pediatric cardiology at a Sick Children hospital in Toronto.

E-cigarettes which are designed to give a look alike of cigarettes are devices powered by battery which vaporises the liquid which mostly contains nicotine.

Previous studies disclosed that there is increasing rate in the e-cigarettes usage in adolescents by the Canada and US exposure to Tobacco.

E-Cigarette is now so common among teenagers than a Cigarette, according to a research conducted in Canada.

The research aimed to understand the frequency, motivation and many other criteria which is usage of e-cigarettes by teenagers who are school students and the research screen the risk factors of cardiac.

The study was carried out on above 2000 students of age 14-15 who are studying class nine in a Canada school located in Ontario, Niagara region.

Out of 2,367 teenagers who gave a response in the smoking question answered at least one question in the survey, almost 70% were aware about the e-cigarettes and at around 10% of them have used them.

The researchers stated the cessation of smoking does not look like a driver of usage of e-cigarettes.