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The temper movie is just about to finish the 4th week or 28 days on the domestic box office screens and today 12th march 2015 is the 28th day or 4th thursady of the temper movie on the box office. and as usually the earning of the temper movie is being day by day decreasing on the box office. the earning of the temper movie had been reported to be below 20 lakhs on the domestic box office. even after the new box office release the temper movie still having some of the audience at the box office screens in the southern screens of the country. and today as well the earning of the temper movie had been reported to be even less. the total box office collection of temper movie till now had been shared below.

1st day (friday) collection: 14.68 crore

2nd day (saturday) collection: 6.5 crore

3rd day (sunday) collection: 3.5 crore

4th day (monday) collection: 3.4 crore

5th day (tuesday) collection: 3 crore

6th day (wednesday) collection: 2.7 crore

7th day (thursday) collection: 3 crore

8th day (2nd friday) collection: 2.3 crore

9th day (2nd saturday) collection: 2.5 crore

10th day (2nd sunday) collection: 1.4 crore

11th day (2nd monday) collection: 1 crore

12th day (2nd tuesday) collection: 80 lakh

13th day (2nd wednesday) collection: 70 lakhs

14th day (2nd wednesday) collection: 45 lakhs

15th day (3rd friday) collection: 30 lakh

16th day (3rd saturday) collection: 25 lakh

17th day (3rd sunday) collection: 35 lakh

18th day (3rd monday) collection: 30 lakh

19th day (3rd tuesday) collection: 28 lakh

20th day (3rd wednesday) collection: 30 lakh

21st day (3rd week thursday) collection: 25 lakh

22nd day (4th friday) collection: 20 lakh

23rd day (4th saturday) collection: 22 lakh

24th day (4th sunday) collection: 15 lakh

25th day (4th monday) collection: 13 lakh

26th day (4th tuesday) collection: 16 lakh

27th day (4th wednesday) collection: 11 lakh

28th day (4th thursady) collection: 14 lakh

We have got the Temper 28th day (4th thursady) collection | 26 days total worldwide business till now. we will be keeping you updated with more total box office collection report of temper 2015 movie. so stay tuned and connected with and get the latest box office collections of temper 2015 telegu movie.