Thiruttu Rail Movie Review » Film Dhamaka

Direction: Thirupathi Muthunagaram
Cast: Mayilsamy, Imman Annachi, Shanmuga Raj, Sendrayan, Rakshan, Charan Selvam, Kethi
Music: Achu Rajamani
Editor: Karthik Jogesh
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

Tales on friendship, are the ones youngsters can relate to fairly-well. They capture the essence of your youth. As friends, you strive on being together during the hard-times of each others lives. The ones who help you during your difficult times are the best of friends. Films that capture these moments connect with the audience almost instantly. All these elements are a part of director Thirupathi Muthunagaram’s Thiruttu Rail.

The film revolves around a group of friends, who decide to take law in their own hands, by deciding to kill a gangster who has shaken their lives. The plot qualifies as gripping crime-thriller. Not just that, the film also has other commercial elements such as romance and family sentiments. But the biggest highlight of the film are the well-choreographed action sequences. The encounter scenes and the intense fight-sequence in the climax of the film, are what make Thiruttu Rail an action-packed film. The romantic scenes between Rakshan and Kethi are unconventional. It’s love at first sight for Rakshan, but unlike other heroes, he doesn’t stalk the heroine. Kethi’s role too is quite good. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but gradually begins to learn about Rakshan, and decidedly falls in love with him.

The story also introduces us to an element of mystery right from the beginning, as the identity of the gangster isn’t entirely revealed till the final moments of the film. This is where we learn about a twist in the film. A case of mistaken identities between Saravanan and Bhaskar (both played by Charan Selvam), which adds the thrill to this film. This scene was much required to bring in the element of tension in the film.

The music is pleasant and blends well with the plot.The film suffers due to inconsistency in order of each scene, but quickly gets its act right in the second-half of the film.

The performances by Rakshan is wooden. Charan Selvam plays the role of a gangster aptly. Debutant Kethi emotes well. The film’s best performances come from established actors such as Mayilsamy, Pasanga Sivakumar and Imman Annachi.

Verdict: If you like stories that focus on the values of friendship, Thiruttu Rail is for you. The climax of the film will have you at the edge of your seat for sure!

Review by Raisa Nasreen