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Thiruttuvcd movie online

Torrent websites are our gateways to the world of free cinema. This platform deals in pirated movie content which several anonymous users operate. There are various movie groups from which users can choose their categories. If you are a Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, or Bollywood movie buff, then Thiruttuvcd should be your first stop. So, when financial breakdown is a widespread phenomenon in most households, having a platform streaming free cinema is a blessing.

Also, in cinema halls, there is a stipulated time after which the movie leaves the cinema hall. However, on these web platforms, you don’t have any time constraints. You can snooze the films you want to watch infinitely and then watch them when you get time.

Even if this site, like another torrent site, is illegal, it doesn’t curb the site’s fame. Millions of viewers enjoy free cinema watching experience.

Thiruttuvcd website features

Initially, the site had only Telugu and Tamil movies. However, now, the website gallery is the home to thousands of films under one umbrella. You can even stream some select Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Additionally, Malayalam, Punjabi, Malayalam films are also available.

The authentic taste of Indian cinema is not at all limited to Bollywood. Instead, Bollywood comprises mainly north Indian and Mumbai-based films. But, if you want to dig a little deeper, you should check out the Thiruttuvcd website. However, recently, the website leaked a film.

In past times, the website had leaked some films, which led to the movie’s piracy. If you click on the website’s home page, you will find a selective list of categories and films from which you can freely stream any movie of your choice. It even releases films illegally in several languages.

Vikramaditya, Viswasam, Vallavan, Abhiyum Anuvum, and Arima Nambi are some films that the website had recently leaked.

Movie quality in Thiruttuvcd

Many film buffs have a bias. They don’t want to watch films of lousy picture quality. When asked, they say that they try to get a 3D experience through a 2D vision. So, if you also are a part of that gang, you might want better streaming options.

Thiruttuvcd has the feature of grading movies according to rating, release year, language, and genre. As the website has many movies, this type of cataloging is helpful in browsing.

Suppose you know the name of the film then well and good. But, if you are a bit skeptical about your watch list, these categories are there to assist you. The film quality is also excellent. All film ranges, starting not from 144p but from 480p to 1080p, are available on this website.

You will also get BLU RAY, DVDRip, and HDRip qualities.


The versatility of this website is the key to its popularity. Also, the availability of the film on the website coincides with the release of the movie in the hall. So, the trendy film on Netflix or in the cinemas is available on this website without much delay.

You can also access multiple languages and dual audio in the films of the Thiruttuvcd website. Suppose you have downloaded a particular Hindi movie, but you don’t understand Hindi. In that case, you can very well change the audio to whichever language you know. In that way, your language barrier is no longer a bar to your movie-watching experience. Hence, it enriches your cinema viewing as well.

Genres of movies present in Thiruttuvcd

Some of the genres present on this website are listed as follows:

  • Mythological
  • Psychological
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • TV show
  • Sports
  • Sit-Com
  • Mystery
  • X Mas
  • War
  • Kungfu
  • Crime
  • Mythological
  • History
  • Costume
  • Comedy
  • Biography
  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Family
  • Drama

Alternatives for streaming content legally

Even if the love for Thiruttuvcd isn’t diminished to any extent, some websites are legal. However, they are not free. You will have to subscribe to those channels or websites, and then you can access their cinemas or series.

Also, Netflix has many other subsidiaries, which adds to its advantage. 148 million people in the world have subscribed to Netflix. So if you want to benefit from it, you will have to choose a plan with different versions. Once you have done that, no one can stop you from accessing movies, series, documentaries, etc., from around the world.

Amazon Prime Video stores several films and series of different genres. Here also, you will have to buy a subscription. But, an Amazon subscription is cheap, which is around Rs 1000 a year. It doesn’t even have any user limit. Several persons can use the same login ID.

Jio, a telecom company, provides a popular streaming service called Jio Cinema. If you have a Jio sim, then you can avail of this service.

If you do not want to spend your pocket money on subscriptions, you have the Thiruttuvcd website.

Yify, Kickass Torrentz, 1337x, Torlock, EZTV, and Rarbg are other popular websites for free video streaming.

If you use these websites, you will not have to think about losing your hard-earned money on subscriptions.

Legal issues for using Thiruttuvcd

Impositions on watching pirated content vary from country to country. Many people often think if watching pirated videos from Thiruttuvcd is illegal or unethical. However, from time to time, government policies change. So, no one will charge you for using these accounts. However, if we use illegal ways to access the sites, that can be regarded as an offense. Government can take legal steps against that.

Final Thoughts

If you do not cross that line and the government doesn’t ban the site, use Thiruttuvcd websites as much as you want. Invest in setting up a Wi-Fi connection, and you can sit on your couch and download as many files as you wish.

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