Fri. May 24th, 2024

We’ve all enjoyed Ajith Kumar‘s negative roles in films. Be it Vaali or Mankatha, the actor adds an unusual appeal to his negative roles, that makes us want to root for his character. It looks like we’ll get to see him play the role of an anti-hero in his upcoming film Vedalam, as well. After Veeram, director Siva and Ajith teamed up again for this action-drama. And going by the buzz surrounding the film, we’re sure that the promos of the film have been loved by the actor’s fans. The much-awaited film is set to be a Diwali gift to them. We are sure the movie will break the box-office just as it’s breaking the Internet. Here Is Three Reasons To Watch Vedhalam.

1. The Terrific Teaser

When the project was initially announced, the audience assumed that it would be a clean family entertainer like his previous film Veeram. But when the teaser of the film was unveiled, it took the audience by surprise. In this 45-second teaser, we see Ajith play an evil character – yelling and screaming in rage. The dark and eerie tone used by the cinematographer creates a spooky effect, perfectly in sync with Ajith’s powerful voice. The teaser has garnered over 1 lakh likes on YouTube. It is also reported (not official) that the teaser has amassed 50,000 likes within one hour of its release, and has created a new record in the history of YouTube, set previously by Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood.


2. Ajith Kumar’s work ethic

The crew of Vedalam witnessed an accident on the final day of the shoot. The film’s lead actor, Ajith, injured his leg while filming a song. While the makers were ready to wrap up the shoot early, the actor insisted they continue to shoot, as he didn’t want to delay the shoot of the film. Ajith is one of the few actors who refrains from having a body-double do his stunts. And he follows this policy because he believes, no one else should risk their life for him.

3. Aaluma Doluma Song

If there’s a new track that has everyone hooked, it’s the peppy number ‘Aaluma Doluma‘. And, since a video teaser of the same was released, the tune has become a earworm. The makers have capitalized on the success of the video, and have released a making-of video featuring the song’s music composer/singer Anirudh Ravichander, and Punjabi rapper, Badshah.


By Raisa Nasreen