Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Top 10 Dailouges from Nithin A Aa Movie by Trivikram Srinivas

Trivikram ‘s films are most awaited for many of the family audiences. Screen play and direction Apart , trivikram is well known for his writings. probably the best dialogue writer in our generation. Philosophical and punch  dialogues are easily received by audience. These things  define that he is ‘Maatala Mantrikudu. The latest film of guruji (trivikram ) A,,Aa hits the big screen this week ,starring Nitin , Samantha, Anupama Parameshwaran as a lead roles . This movie getting positive talk from both Andhra and telangana states .we know that his writings are at top notch. So here we go the dialogues from trivikram celluloid.

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Trivikram uses some actors to fire his dialogues so,  Rao ramesh one the of supporting character trivikram uses frequently  in his last movies . he has made impact on all audiences througout the film with his punch dialogues . so, popular dialogues of Rao RAMESH In A..Aa :-

1.Nee chelli attarintiki edchukontu potundi, Naa koothuru edu varala nagalatho potundi’.

2.Ravanasurudu Valla amma nanna surpanaka ni samantha ney anukuntaru kadey…

Ravanasurudi Baryaa kuda Ravanasurudni Pawan Kalyan anukuntundhi -––Anupama

3.Shatruvulu ekkado undaru. Mana chellela roopam lo, koothurulu roopam lo mana madhyane tirugutuntaru

Coming to hero turn Nitin‘s dialogues ;-

  1. Love Chesey antha Luxury Ledhu…Vadhilesey Antha Levelu ledhu

5.Watch unna prathi vadu Time ostundi anukuntadu kani , Time telustundi anthey.

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6.Na panike peru ledhu payment mathramey undhe

  1. Na dagara “koota” lekapovachu kani “Rani” undhe.

He uses another senior actor Naresh to share his words

8.Nuvvu tirigocchinappudu bagulu teesukocchavanukunnanu, kani moyaleni anni bandhalu teesukocchavanukoledu

9.Vallu adiginappudu nuvvu ivvaledu. Mari vallu adigindi nuvvu icchi chudu ela untundo telustundi

Trivikram manages the film with his magical words . There are many dialogues in this Flick mentioned above but one of the best message oriented dialogue is…

10.Avathala valla anandham kosam manam odipoyi manatho una valani badha petakodadu .

So guruji ends up the film with a beautiful message . lets u wait for more dialogues from his Pen…