Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

When watching realistic movies, we believe in everything that’s going on there. However, films don’t work like a sportsbook India where everything operates according to the rules. Movies show us lots of things that are impossible in real life, and these 6 myths are the most popular among viewers.

Chloroform Can’t Knock Someone out for Hours

Stories of criminals neutralizing victims with chloroform have been with us for lots of years. In fact, there is no proof evidence that it has ever been used to knock a person out. And do you know why? Because it doesn’t work that way!

Chloroform takes at least five minutes to take effect, and once your hypothetical victim is rendered unconscious, that doesn’t mean you can tie her up, throw her in the trunk, and forget about her for a few hours. First, you have to keep inhaling the chloroform for it to last. Second, you have to make sure that the tongue doesn’t go down the throat and the person doesn’t suffocate, and to do that you have to hold it gently under the chin the whole time.

The Police Can’t Trace the Call Immediately

In the movies, the police often have to have long conversations with the perpetrator to determine his location.

In reality, it is possible to locate the caller if the phone has GPS turned on. But the so-called triangulation will take about half an hour and the location of the phone relative to the base stations will be quite approximate.

The Effectiveness of Torture is Exaggerated

As the movies teach us, if you need to get some information, the most reliable way is to torture the person, then he will definitely remember all the details and the facts that interest you. In reality, this is not the case. Not to mention the fact that torturing people is unethical, it leads to the opposite of the desired results.

To avoid physical pain, the person will tell you anything you want to hear. Then wonder if he told you because it’s true or because you threatened him.

You Shouldn’t Inject the Medicine Directly Into the Heart

We advise you not to repeat the exploits of the hero of “Pulp Fiction,” even if you come across a sprawling Uma Thurman and a syringe of adrenaline. While such injections do exist, they should only be done by professionals. Besides, there are other ways (not as risky). For example, an intravenous injection. Blood cycles through your body in a minute, so there’s no safer way to get the medicine to your heart.

And if you inject the medicine into your heart, you risk puncturing your lung and leaving a hole in your heart. And that, as you can guess, is not a good thing.

A Defibrillator Can’t Restart a Stopped Heart

In the movies, to revive someone with a stopped heart, all you have to do is yell “We’re losing him!” and press the defibrillator to your chest. In reality, that won’t work. If the heart has stopped beating, the defibrillator will only burn it out.

But lest you be totally disappointed in defibrillators, let us say that they are very useful when the heart rhythm fails and the ventricles start to contract at the same time.

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