Top Blockbusters Which Shah Rukh Khan Rejected

Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood is undoubtedly the most popular actor in the nation, and he has fans in all nooks of the globe. The actor started his career in a low note, and with sheer determination and hard work, he has reached this level. Today, we are analyzing some movies which King Khan has rejected, and later emerged as Blockbusters.


Shankar, the mega director in Indian Cinema initially planned to make ‘Enthiran’ with Kamal Haasan. But unfortunately, the film did not take off, and Shankar’s next choice to enact the lead role was none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan after initial talks with Shankar refused this offer, and later this movie went to Rajinikanth, the Global Superstar. The film upon its release emerged as a huge blockbuster, and it grossed more than 380 Crores INR.

Ek Tha Tiger

Film audiences all over the nation welcomed Salman Khan warmly for his role in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. But the less known fact is that this movie was first offered to Shah Rukh Khan. When offered this role, Shah Rukh Khan denied it citing date clashes.

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hain

Rohit’s role in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hain was first offered to Shah Rukh Khan by Rakesh Roshan. But SRK denied this offer, and Hrithik Roshan, son of Rakesh Roshan immortalized this character.

There are many more roles like these, and we will discuss about them in the coming days.

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