Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Production: Cameo Films India

Distributed by: Studio Green

Director: Adhik Ravichandran

Original Score: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Editing: Anthony L. Ruben

Cast: G. V. Prakash Kumar,Anandhi,Manisha Yadav,Simran,VTV Ganesh,Arya,Priya Anand,Yugi Sethu.

The title itself is a titillating one, and the trailer doesn’t leave a chance to make you lure this feature. The movie is basically a love story which runs on 2 different tracks which features the troubles these days guys are facing to get a girl friend, how far this happens in real life is another question all together. But for a movie I’m sure it’s going to get good views, all credit to the director Adhik Ravichandran. The dialogues are damn funny and will be a hit with “MEME” creators for next few weeks on social media. The movie has GV Prakash Kumar playing the lead with 2 lass to woo around Kayal’s Anandhi and Manisha Yadav. Simran is playing an important role in the movie and will have Arya and Priya Anand doing cameo in the flick. The comedy will be handled by VTV Ganesh along with GVP.

Chellakutties Virgin paiyaa is on the way to knock your socks off with rollicking comedy!!!