Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Promotions don’t make the content of a film better. They create curiosity on the film and a film would have a wider reach if it is promoted well. Films which were promoted intelligently always had good openings and many big films, which didn’t have good promotions, failed to reach maximum number of audiences.

The recent example for intelligent promotions is ‘S/o Satyamurthy’. Prior to releasing the first look of the film, the team had released a pre-first look, which was never done before for a Telugu film. The pre-first look created curiosity on the characters and content of the film. Then the team released the first look, a few posters and the theatrical trailer, which tell how the film is going to be and preparing audiences for it.

The man, who is behind the promotions of the film is Sai Gopal, who has been working with Trivikram since ‘Swayamvaram’. Both of them share a very good rapport and Trivikram always believed in Sai’s creativity. At a time when small movies were ignored by the audiences, films like ‘Swayamvaram’, ‘Chirunavvutho’ etc reached many because of the way Sai planned the promotions. Since then Sai worked for many films of Trivikram. He is also behind the innovative promotions of ‘Jalsa’, ‘Khaleja’, ‘Julayi’ and ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’. Lets hope he comes up with many more good ideas.