Two Countries Movie Review – Dileep, Mamta Mohandas

Dileep, the Janapriyanayakan in Mollywood is finally back with a bang. The actor who joined hands with Shafi and Rafi through the movie ‘Two Countries‘ has strike Gold, and that too with elegance. The movie hit the theaters today, and it is receiving positive responses from all corners. Mamta Mohandas who has previously shared screen space with Dileep in ‘My Boss‘ and ‘Passenger’ has done the role of lady lead in the movie.

A team of film dhamaka members watched the movie first day first show, and we are now sharing our genuine and unbiased review about this flick.

Two Countries can be divided into two portions. One is where the story that happen in Kerala while there is another portion that unfold in Canada. Without doubt Dileep has a major role to play in both these. While Aju Varghese give him company back home, it is Suraj who is there with the actor in the foreign land.

The chemistry between these actors on the comedy side is the major highlight of Two Countries. Of late, the comedies we see from Dileep were getting substandard though for some unknown reasons, they used to work out at the box office. At the same time, critics were panning those films showing no mercy at all.

Here in Two Countries, comedy is the backbone and it has worked out to the advantage of the film without any sort of irritating feel. For a festive season, this is an apt film that you can pick to watch and enjoy with your family.

The story revolves around Ullas and Laya. The former is a petty fraudster dreaming of making it big one day. He is settled in Kerala while the latter is a Malayali girl from Canada. Situation bring them together and the movie show us all the fun that happen during the course of their union.

Though director Shafi is going through a lean patch of late with a series of duds at the box office, his films with Dileep (Kalyanaraman and Marykundoru Kunjadu) were superhits. So naturally there were some expectation and hope that the reunion of this successful team would not be a bad experience.

They haven’t disappointed here and have come out with a movie watchable for all class of audience. Comedy is the main ingredient of Two Countries though at a certain point as per the demands of the storyline situation takes a serious tone.

Scripted by Shafi’s elder brother Rafi, Two Countries has a screenplay that is trying to exploit the festive mood of the people here and has come out with flying colours in that mission. Though couple of things shown were questionable, it is a basic fact that in movies of this genre there are no questions involved.

For Dileep, performing the role of Ullas is a cakewalk. He has done innumerable roles like this before and this character is just an extension of some of his previous flicks. The thing is there is zero presence of non-veg jokes that will literally push the family audience to theatres to watch him.

Mamta Mohandas did her role as Laya in a neat fashion. We have previously seen her onscreen chemistry with Dileep in My Boss and this is another film showcasing the success of this combination and the form they are in when they unite.

Aju Varghese and Suraj Venjaramudu handled the comedy side with success teaming up with Dileep evoking some hilarious moments. Hareesh of Kunjiramayanam fame is also there in a brief role with his typical Kozhikodan slang.

Mukesh excelled in his role in the latter half of the film in a character that had a humour shade. Asokan, Srinda, Lena, Vinayaprasad, Jagadesh and Vijayaraghavan are also there who supported the main actors well. Rafi also is playing an important role that looked okay. Makarand Deshpandey who made a big presence in Amen could not do much while Isha Talwar had little role to do.

Nice cinematography along with decent music and background score from Gopi Sundar. Edits were also okay.

Altogether, this movie is a perfect pick for audiences who love to laugh in this vacation season. “Watch Two Countries, and say No to stress and headache”.