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TXT’s Beomgyu reveals how V once tried to play a prank on him but there was a twist

BTS’ V is known to play pranks but there was this one time when it didn’t go as per his plan. Beomgyu recently held a live broadcast where he chatted to MOAs about a lot of things. He spoke about the time the group performed BTS’ track Boy In Luv in 2019 during an episode of SBS Gayo Daejun. Also Read – BTS: After James Corden’s comments upset ARMY; fans share a clip of SUGA aka Min Yoongi referring to ‘tinted glasses’ and it seems like one SAVAGE retort to detractors

Beomgyu recalled, “Even before this performance, I contacted Taehyung (V) and asked him for advice with questions like, ‘Hyung, how did you use your voice while singing Boy in Luv?’ and ‘What kind of facial expressions do you think would be good for me to make?’ Because this was our first time protecting [BTS], so I actually needed to do a very good job. After I requested him these questions, Taehyung advised me, ‘Do a good job,’ and I mentioned, ‘Okay, I’ll.” Also Read – BTS: Whoa! Coldplay drops audio teaser of My Universe featuring the K-Pop band; check out the lyrics

He went on to say, “So when I went on stage that day, I was thinking, ‘I’m going to tear up the stage today!’ But my mic started to go into my mouth, so I had to remove it first, and then I wound up making a mistake.” He added that because of that, he was really upset. He said that he had practiced so hard, but wasn’t able to show what he had practiced. He went on to say, “I also felt really apologetic to the hyungs (BTS). So I cried on our way back to the dressing rooms.” Also Read – Fans shower love on BTS’ Jimin for secretly donating to polio patients ahead of World Polio Day; call him ‘the sweetest angel’

He went on to say that after the performance, TXT went to speak to BTS. Yet, Beomgyu didn’t actually know that BTS’s V had planned on playing a prank on him after the performance.
“I went to say hi, and Taehyung (V) hyung was preparing a prank. I was in contact with Taehyung hyung pretty often. So, Taehyung hyung was doing a prank where he was scolding me like, “Why didn’t you do that right? why did you get it wrong?‘”

He added, “It wasn’t so much that I was afraid, but I was really sad and felt really sorry,” continued Beomgyu. “So I really cried a lot. Taehyung was so surprised that he hugged me and said, ‘Hey, hey, I’m sorry! You did a good job! You really did well!’”

He also said that different BTS members additionally participated within the prank, however as soon as V started scolding Beomgyu, they felt dangerous and simply watched from the sidelines. He revealed that when Beomgyu started tearing up, all of them all of the sudden began yelling, ‘Hey, Kim Taehyung, why are you being like this? Why did you make Beomgyu cry?’

He also said that the members made him super-comfortable when they came to know that he was already upset with the performance. Isn’t that really cool and shows the band’s caring nature?

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