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Umang Kumar On Designing Bigg Boss OTT House I Designed Keeping In Mind Gypsy Camp Theme

Bigg Boss OTT House: Bigg Boss OTT is now just a few minutes away and the viewers have already got a glimpse of the stunning and lavish Bigg Boss house. From contemporary themes to the dining tables in the garden to gorgeous printed walls and bunk beds, the house looks comfortable, warm, and gives out carnival vibes, Bigg Boss OTT house will make you crave a house like that. The house is designed by Art and Bollywood director Omung Kumar.Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty’s Entry In Karan Johar’s Show Confirmed, Check Her First Look

Speaking to ETimes, he shared that he designed the house, keeping a ‘gypsy camp theme’ in his mind. He said, “As the show was going to air for the first time on OTT and we have tried to give a new look to the house. The brief that we had got was that it would be seen 24/7. We thought a lot as to what new things we can do which we have not done in the past and which should also stand out. So I felt if it is for six weeks let me treat it as if we are going on a vacation. I designed keeping the gypsy camp theme in my mind. If we go camping, what all things we will see and where we will stay in a tent. This is the first time we have bunk beds in the house. Situations will change inside the house as contestants will sleep on bunk beds and have conversations looking at each other while looking down from their beds.” Also Read – Ahead of Bigg Boss OTT Premiere, Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan Clip With Kangana Ranaut Goes Viral

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He further elaborated on each room and the theme of the house.

Carnival Feel:

So we have a gypsy, bohemian but colourful theme to the house. There are colours everywhere. It has the feel of a carnival. Whenever we go to a carnival we see a lot of lights, bulbs. There’s always a tarot card reader at the carnival. We have made the house colourful and for that, we have used tassels, ribbons and joined them and used them everywhere in the house. We have made tents, curtains, ribbons and everything out of it. We have used it in the living room and also on the ceiling which is like a tent.

‘This is the first time that Bedrooms have bunk beds’

Omung said, “In the bedroom we have made bunk beds as I said earlier. This is the first time we have made something like this and it has its own flavour. It is very difficult to catch everyone on camera because of the bunk beds but we have managed it. We have given a theme of tarot cards which will become a talking point for the contestants. They will discuss their zodiac signs. There are posters on the walls and we have painted a wall with red colour which has zodiac signs.”

Living Room Has Sliding Doors:

Umang Kumar elaborated, “Then for the first time we have used sliding doors for the living room. It can be opened full and you can see the entire garden. There’s always a tree in the garden so we have done patchwork on it with a cloth which we used to make mat. It looks like a different tree. We have made favourite places at different areas of the house where contestants can sit and chat.”

Pool Area Comes With Rice Lamps:

“We have made a beautiful pool this time. We have used rice lambs around the pool keeping the picnic mood in mind. We have used dream catchers, a 10 ft one at the entrance. My wife Vanita has made it. And the small versions of the dream catcher we have placed around the pool. It reflects in the water.”

Garden Area Has a Dining Table:

“Again for the first we have used the dining table and chairs in the garden area. It is not in the living area. Now the contestants can have their food in the garden area. It is a nice wooden huge table. There are lights, bulbs and chandeliers we have used”, Umang added.

The Fridge In The Kitchen Is Vivid:

“We have a colourful kitchen which is made from crates. We have given comfort but with it we have added a rawness to the house. The kitchen is vivid.”

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