Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Vanraj and Kavya fight over Anuj Kapadia; latter vows to not let Anupamaa face troubles alone

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert September 20: Anupamaa has finally taken the step towards her entrepreneurial journey and is all set to work with Anuj Kapadia. She has battled all the ‘nay sayers’ in her family and has finally taken a decision for her own self. During this, Babuji, Kinjal and Samar have been standing by her and supporting her. It is heartening to see that Baa’s cold behaviour, Vanraj’s anger, Kavya’s taunts and Paritosh’s lame reasoning didn’t make Anupamaa reject Anuj’s offer. But while she embarks on this new journey, there will be a lot of chaos that will follow. Also Read – Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Anupamaa CHALLENGES Vanraj to stop her from working with Anuj Kapadia; ‘ab meri udaan dekhiyega’

GK decides that since they celebrated Janmashtami with the Shahs, it would be wonderful to have the Shahs celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with them. They then extend invitation to the Shahs but Vanraj outrightly rejects it since he wants to keep no personal relation with Anuj. When Anuj realizes this, he wonder Vanraj’s issue really is? He reaches the conclusion that either Vanraj doesn’t want Anupamaa to move ahead in life and be successful or he is jealous of Anupamaa’s bond with him. This angers Anuj a little and we get to see his protective streak when he decides that if at all Anupamaa get into any kind of problems due to Vanraj’s behaviour, he would not be able to stop himself. Anuj has feelings for Anupamaa and though he respects her identity and her decisions, he will be there for his lady love, if someone tries to pull her down. Also Read – Anupamaa: 7 reasons why fans are going ga-ga over Anuj Kapadia aka Gaurav Khanna in Rupali Ganguly’s show

Meanwhile, Kavya, who is still hell bent on impressing the great Anuj Kapadia, argues with Vanraj and tells him to be angry and frustrated on Anupamaa instead of running relations with Anuj. Vanraj and Kavya have disagreements over the same. Also Read – Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Vanraj taunts Anupamaa about her ‘secret’ conversation with Anuj Kapadia

How will Anupmaa react to all this? Will she accept AK and GK’s invitation for Ganesh Chaturthi? Will Kavya’s reasoning make Vanraj say ‘yes’ to the festive celebrations with Anuj as well? Will we get to see a face-off between Vanraj and Anuj soon? All this and more will unfold in tonight’s episode of your favourite TV show Anupamaa starring Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Gaurav Khanna, Madalsa Sharma and more.

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