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Vijay fans do a Kaththi to save farm lands. Vijay fans have come out and protested for a noble cause, inspired by the actor’s recent movie Kaththi. The fans of the actor have come out to save the farming lands.

The “Kaveri Delta Coal bed Methane Project” if it takes place, it will seriously affect the farming lands which will indirectly make life difficult for the farmers.

Over the years, the farmers have been banking on the Kaveri River and the delta region for producing various crops, including rice.

Near Cuddalore, a bunch of Vijay fans have protested and shouted slogans against the deadly Methane extraction project and got arrested.

The Police officers have reportedly released all of them after giving them a verbal warning late in the evening.


Ilayathalapathi Vijay Kaththi Puli Vijay 2015-03-07


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