Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

‘Enthiran’. Every Indian has to feel proud and say that it is made in our country. Not only it is block buster but also its collections had shown the stamina of the Indian film to the world cinema. From the past few days, a proposal of the sequel to the film Enthiran 2 is rotating among the unit, but they could not give any confirmation till now.

This is because, the sequel script a villain character where only a big star can fit perfectly into it. Aamir khan was considered for this role in the beginning but later, due to some unknown reasons, the idea was dropped. Few days back, there was a even a buzz that Kamal was doing that character, but anyway that was just left as buzz later.

According to the reports, it was now known that Vikram is being considered for the role and the actor already gave his nod for the character. If it turns true, the two superstars in a movie will definitely be feast to all the fans of those concerned heroes.