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Vishal Aditya Singh FIRST EVER Reaction On Recreating Pan Scene In Khatron Ke Khiladi and If It Was Funny or Not Exclusive

Mumbai: What grabbed major headlines and also became a highlight of Bigg Boss 13 was when Vishal Aditya Singh was attacked with a frying pan by his ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli. The ugly fight left everyone shocked and resulted in Madhurima Tuli’s eviction from the show. However, years after, the same scene was recreated with Vishal in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 as a ‘fun segment’.Also Read – Feel Good, Feel Proud of Women in India Excelling in Sports, Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Vishal Aditya Singh

The recreation of the ‘pan scene’ in Khatron Ke Khiladi created a massive uproar on social media with Vishal’s fans expressing disappointment for the same. Fans had claimed that it wasn’t funny but insulting. Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT: Gauahar Khan Lashes Out At Nishant Bhat For Criticising Her Season 7 Win, Says ‘Loser Won’t Know What It Takes To Be Winner’

Vishal Aditya Singh has finally broken the silence over the issue. In an exclusive conversation with, Vishal mentioned that it was funny for him and that he does not let the incident disturb him anymore. “Yeh itna popular hua frying pan wala ke aap 10 saal ke baad bhi yeh khatam nahi hone wala. Aab aapke upar depend karta hai ke aap usse disturb hona chahate ho ya uspe aap hasna chahate ho. Kyuki hasoge toh farq nahi padta, log aake kamzoor nass ko dabaeinge nahi. Agar aap uspr react krte ho toh voh aapko aur dabaeinge. Mera reaction toh iske liye bahut funny tha (The frying pan incident got so popular that even after 10 years you won’t forget this. But it depends on you whether you let this disturb you or not. You can laugh over it. The more you laugh at it, the less it will bother you. If you react to it, people will also drag it. I found it funny), he said. Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT: Zeeshan Khan-Pratik Sehajpal’s Argument Gets ‘Over The Top’ Ugly and Violent | Watch

Vishal went on to say that even his friends joke about the same but he has learned to laugh over it. The actor added that ‘Smile and move on’ is what he follows. “Mere dost bhi uss par baat karte hai, main vha par bhi haste rehta hu. Pehle lagta tha, arey yaar mera ego shattered ho gya. Lekin kyu! Yeh toh kisi ke saath bhi ho sakta hai yrr. Kitno ke saath hua hoga. Kitno ki biwi ne, girlfriend ne…I am also a normal guy. Bas main ek actor hu toh kya!! Haso aur aage badho (Even my friends joke about it. I laugh at that time as well. Earlier I used to feel that my ego has been shattered. This can happen with anyone. A number of people must have experienced the same. Their wives, their girlfriends…I am also a normal guy. What if I am an actor! Smile and move on),” Vishal said.

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Earlier, Madhurima Tuli has also complained about the scene and had lashed out at the makers for the same. When question about the same, Vishal said that it is her perspective and that he does not want to say anything to her regarding this. “I don’t want to say anything to her now. Voh unka prespective hai, jo sochna hai voh soche. Mera uss incident par sirf ek hi reaction hai – HAHAHA,” Vishal concluded.

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