When Salman And I Do A Film Together: Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s past relationship has always been the talk of town. The actress who is currently dating actor Ranbir Kapoor, has made headlines once again regarding her past relationship with Salman Khan.

Katrina Kaif who is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Phantom, opened about her dating with Salman and much more. During a recent interview with Talking Moviez, Katrina Kaif spilled the beans about how people have interest in her past relationship and not for her films.

The Bang Bang actress said, if she will ever appear in a movie with Salman Khan, she said, “In Tiger there was so much hype about me and Salman returning together. We imagine something like Salman- Katrina were ex lovers / ex friends and now they are back on big screen, so it would be fun. Tomorrow, if Salman and I do a film together, there will be a lot of buzz even before we start the shoot for the film, because people will have interest in it for obvious reasons.”