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Which cases will ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ delve into in season 3? – Film Dhamaka

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix has been given the greenlight for a third season, much to the delight of true crime lovers everywhere. The 2020 reboot of the series did away with the host and multiple cases per episode format of the original series, which were hosted by Robert Stack & Dennis Farina. Instead, the cases in Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries were each given their own episode. 

Both volumes of the reboot series have been a major hit with the cases featured on them getting attention and tips called in. Some have even been given a look over with fresh eyes. But what sort of cases will Unsolved Mysteries cover in its third volume? What would they even think about choosing? Based on past experiences, we can see that one episode will feature a non-English language case and/or focus on the supernatural.

But what cases should Unsolved Mysteries give its considerable platform to? Well, here are just a couple suggestions that we have.

Death of Tamla Horsford

On November 3rd, 2018, Tamla Horsford, forty-year-old mother of five, went off to an adult slumber party with other “football moms” in the town of Cumming, GA. The next morning, November 4th, Horsford was found dead in the backyard of the home where the slumber party was taking place. Initially, Horsford’s death was ruled as a tragic accident by the police.

It didn’t remain that way for long. Two months after Horsford’s death, one of the witnesses was fired from his job as a county court officer after accessing files on the case. This sparked public interest in the case, especially given the very racist past of Cumming. The outcry grew louder in 2020 during the wave of Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder.

While the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has reinvestigated the case and, recently, closed it without pressing criminal charges, the circumstances surrounding Horsford’s death are still . . . odd to say the least.

Bridgewater Triangle

Forget about creepy stories of the Bermuda Triangle, the Bridgewater Triangle deserves some serious love. There have been stories about giant snakes, Bigfoot, haunted swamps, mysterious disappearances, Satanic rituals, and more going back for decades. The Bridgewater Triangle is one of the weirdest places in the Northeast, matched, perhaps, by the Bennington Triangle in Vermont.

We’ll be real. We’re pretty sure the Bennington Triangle is more than likely a serial killer that has never been caught. If Unsolved Mysteries wants more spooky and weird cases, then head to Massachusetts for the Bridgewater Triangle. The stories are pretty freaking wild. Like, seriously, anything you can think of? This place probably has a story about it happening. 

Jill Dando

We’ve talked about the case of BBC journalist Jill Dando before, but this unsolved mystery really does need solving. The beloved host did a variety of different shows as a BBC presenter, which includes the UK’s answer to Unsolved Mysteries: Crimewatch. Dando would be murdered when visiting the home that she was planning on selling. She was killed on her front step. 

Barry George, who lived near Dando’s home and had a history of stalking & sexual offenses toward women, was arrested, charged, and convicted for Dando’s murder. However, George was given a retrial, which led to his acquittal back in 2008. It leaves Dando’s murder frustratingly unsolved to this day. Most think that the case will never be solved now. 

What cases would you like to see in Unsolved Mysteries season 3? Do you think that these cases are good enough for the series? Or would you like to see Unsolved Mysteries go in a different direction? Share your thoughts in the comments down below and let us know what you think! 

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