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Which podcasts are actually good? – Film Dhamaka

Ah, podcasts. Truly, one of the best things about the 2010s was the surge of great podcast content. From a revival in spooky audio dramas to true crime to some excellent comedy, there’s a podcast out there for everyone to enjoy. On September 30th, we celebrate International Podcast Day because, well, we got so much enjoyment from these series, you know? Might as well share our love for them.

So which podcasts are actually good to listen to? It’s a vast landscape. No one really wants to miss anything. Well, Twitter has your covered with some of their recs for great podcasts on #PodcastDay. Let’s take a look at the podcast series that you should dive into next.

The Office Ladies

Starring Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey, the two Office actresses dive into the beloved NBC series for the ultimate rewatch.


Grab your pink mustaches, Markiplier fans. The Distractible podcast has YouTuber Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes, and Bob Muyskens in a comedy podcast about three friends just talking about life, the universe, and whatever comes into their heads.

Crime in Sports

Like sports? Like true crime? Crime in Sports takes a look at athletes who lost out big with the law told by Small Town Murder’s James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman. 

Too many to count?

Some people are just showing pics of their fave podcasts on their social media. 

Podcasts are life 

Like, seriously, they just have all the love here.

What’s Good? 

What’s Good is a podcast about “YouTubers Miniminter & Randolph discuss relevant & random topics while trying to keep their friendship alive.” Basically, like all of your adult friendships.

Dam Internet, You Scary! 

Dam Internet, You Scary sees friends Patrick Cloud & Tahir Moore break down some of the most disturbing tales of the internet. Good if you like creepy things, but aren’t a big fan of being creeped out.

Sweet Valley Diaries

Sweet Valley Diaries is a podcast all about Sweet Valley High as host Melissa Flaxbart forces people to read the 80s book series with her and talk about it. It’s a great look at nostalgia and shows no signs of slowing down.

My Favorite Murder

And, of course, the OG true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder.

Love from us to you

Podcasters are always giving a moment to give their fellow podcasters some serious love. 

What is your favorite good podcast? Let us know your thoughts & recommendations in the comments! 

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