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Which ‘Sanditon’ stars will you meet? – Film Dhamaka

Modern-day technology has given us all the chance to connect with like-minded people, forming powerful relationships lasting a lifetime. SandiCon 2022 is saying, “Welcome!” Fans of the beloved Sanditon television series, take pride in being the best. 

After working assiduously to save the show and make seasons 2 and 3 come to fruition, fans are finally going to come face to face at SandiCon 2022!


Like Comic Con, SandiCon may pave the way for cherished traditions. So who imagined and created it? The idea was born about a year ago when Lani Battiste expressed her joy to form a committee to plan a fan event. She wanted all the fans to meet each other in person after the strong campaign to save the show which lasted over a year and also wanted to be able to thank the cast and crew in person who have supported our save Sanditon efforts. 

Lani is the founding member of the SandiCon 2022 Planning Committee, as well as a member of the Sanditon Sisterhood, reached out to fellow Committee members Sara Ripple, Mariann Stumpf,  Lindsay Leonard, Karen Ford, and Kate Canipe later on, and unsurprisingly, everyone agreed right away. The Sisterhood virtually met, planning something special for the fans. A crucial fact to all this is, they didn’t want another “Comic Con”.

They aimed for a great reunion. The committee and sisterhood members formed close bonds with each other. Their love for Sanditon is guiding all the planning. All in all, everyone is just excited to come together and celebrate their success in saving the fantastic show. 

The roles

What are the respective roles in SandiCon?

Members of the SandiCon 2022 Planning Committee carefully organized and planned out the logistics of the two-week conference. They discussed the locations in London and Bristol hotels. Fans can look forward to Sanditon oriented tour stops during the last week. 

Currently, they’re looking for help to cover the costs, social media marketing, merchandising, cast/crew recruitment. They’re also aiming for organized outings in London during the first week. 

Conference details

What about the details? We need the who, what, when, and where!

SandiCon 2022 will be a Sanditon World Wide Fandom Conference for members of the Sanditon Sisterhood only in London and Bristol March 12-26, 2022. The first week will last from the 13th to the 19th and take place at the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel. There’ll be a welcome reception, guest panels, and a “farewell” dinner. They’ve announced some special guests with more announcements to come.

The second week will take place in Bristol. It’ll be filled with daily Sanditon-themed tour stops at the various filming locations such as Bowood House, Brean Beach, Frampton Court & Orangery. 


Why should people attend the conference?

The Sanditon Sisterhood – all their members – should attend SandiCon 2022 because it’ll be a vacation of a lifetime! The “sisters” will get to meet and talk to the special guests who have worked on and are currently working on the show. Imagine getting to be where the filming of the magical show takes place. 

It’ll give the fandom a chance to say, “thank you” to the entire cast and crew who supported them during the campaign, and for bringing them the masterpiece show. 


A conference this exciting can’t be cheap, let alone free. Is there a price to attend yet? 

The cost to attend SandiCon 2022 varies. For fans staying for the entire conference, it’ll be 660 GBP. If fans only come for week one, it’ll be 410 GBP and 250 for the fans who just want to be there for week two. The daily rates are 110 GBP – 200 GBP depending on the day you want to attend during week one. All attendees will be responsible for their own traveling expenses, hotels, food, and shopping. 

Like no other

Like we said, SandiCon 2022 will be like no other gathering of the sort. They won’t be selling tickets at the door. It’ll be an intensely happy reunion. The conference won’t be making any money, and instead will be making donations from the profits after costs to three prominent charities based in the United Kingdom. All the charities are connected to the show in some way. 

They are The Jane Austen House Museum, Reach the Children UK, and School-Home Support. 


The fans want to know how they can connect to SandiCon and learn more. 

Most of the Sanditon Sisterhood know who the members of the Planning Committee are. They can reach out to fans directly through Twitter and Instagram @sandicon2022 and check out their website at for more information. Feel free to email them at [email protected] with any questions. 

SandiCon 2022 is coming. All you have to do is think about which stars you’ll meet! Are you going? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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