Who Could Be Dance In Telugu Remake Of ABCD 2 ?

The first trailer of ABCD 2 is out! Though there is a ‘seen there, done that’ vibe in the trailer, the dance moves are impressive as expected. Varun Dhawan is ready to blow our minds off with moves hitherto unseen, with Remo’s usual gang of Dharmesh, Lauren, Raghav and of course, Prabhudeva, giving him company. Though we are yet to see mind-blowing steps from the heroine Shraddha, let’s hope that the movie has some surprises in store for the viewers with regards to her dance moves.

In the meanwhile the director, Remo, and UTV had hinted about their plans to make ABCD a franchise. What if one of the films is based in South ?

Allu Arjun

It’s an open secret that Allu Arjun is one of the best dancers in South, if not the best. His moves are totally jaw-dropping, and add to them his natural charm and swagger, and Presto! We have a dancing rockstar! It’s also another open secret that he is making a small appearance in ABCD 2, so maybe we can see him soon in a fully fledged role in one of the sequels!

Jr Ntr

Jr. NTR may not look like it, but he is a really great dancer. Though his moves may not be as refined as that of Allu Arjun, he brings in a lot of energy on the dance floor. Though he prefers masala flicks, I am sure he won’t mind being cast in a dance flick to showcase his clap-worthy steps.


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