Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

For the last couple of days, numerous websites have been publishing articles about the S/O Satyamurthy story leakage. For the starters, here’s the gist of the so called ‘leaked’ story – Allu Arjun and Vennela Kishore are the sons of a rich industrialist Satyamurthy, played by Rajendra Prasad. Bunny lives a carefree life in Spain until tragedy strikes back home. Satyamurthy suffers severe losses in his business and dies of depression. On his death bed, he reveals a secret to Allu Arjun. The later part of the story is all about how Bunny strives towards his father’s secret.

While we all know that there is no truth in the story being leaked, the origin of such leakages and the people behind is often quite interesting. Here are some wild  possibilities. Usually, a star combination film releases amidst out of the world expectations from fans. No matter how hard the film’s makers try to impress the fans, they often fail to reach those expectations and ending up facing disasters.

In this scenario, these kind of ‘fake story leakages’ help in toning down the fans’ expectations to a great extent. Once the fans believe a certain story, it is possible for the makers to surprise them with a totally different and exciting story on screen. The question here is, who is behind these leakages? Is it someone from the film’s unit? Some highly wise cracked fans who is desperate to save his favorite star’s film? Or is it just the websites hallucinating based on the trailers and other snippets?

In the past too, this leakage drama has been applied successfully for films like Temper and Ajith’s Yennai Arindhaal etc.