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Will ‘Riverdale’ finally end after season 6? – Film Dhamaka

The sixth season of Riverdale will be premiering on The CW network in mid-November 2021. For now, there’s a lot to unpack about how the fifth season ended, what to expect in the future, and if the sixth season will actually be the end. 

The first episode of Riverdale premiered in 2017 and starred Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, KJ Apa, and Madelaine Petsch in the leading roles. It’s been cool to watch them turn the classic comic book characters from so many decades ago into edgy high school students embroiled in constant drama. Here’s what you should know about the show possibly coming to an end.

How did Riverdale season 5 end?

Some people are waiting for season 5 of Riverdale to land on Netflix since it’s finished premiering on The CW Network. Since there’s no official date set in stone about when Riverdale season 5 will be on Netflix, fans of the show will have to continue patiently waiting. 

They can still binge-watch the first four seasons if they so choose. This season 5 finale of Riverdale was pretty intense! Cheryl’s supernatural powers, the relationship between Veronica & Archie, and so much more were explored. There are plenty of new storylines that can open up once season 6 finally comes along.

What do we know about season 6 of Riverdale?

Riverdale is one of The CW shows that scored in early renewal! That means the cast & crew knew pretty early on that another season was definitely on its way. An official announcement about how many episodes Season 6 will contain hasn’t been released yet. What we do know is that Season 4 & Season 5 both contained nineteen episodes which means the sixth season could possibly follow that pattern. 

The first season of the show only had thirteen episodes so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Season 6 doesn’t come up that short. The filming for Riverdale season 6 started in late August 2021, and it’s predicted to continue until at least June 2022. By then, all the scenes will be filmed & ready for editing. 

The first five episodes of season 6 will premiere on Wednesday, November 16th but then there will be a hiatus to see the rest of the episodes. We won’t be able to see the rest of Riverdale season 6 until sometime in 2022 and unfortunately, that release date hasn’t been announced just yet either. 

People are curious to know when Riverdale season 6 will land on Netflix but season 5 isn’t even up yet! Usually, it doesn’t take Netflix too long to add all the episodes to their platform for fans to start binge-watching immediately.

Which cast members are returning?

The official cast list for Riverdale season 6 hasn’t been released to the public yet, but it’s safe to assume a lot of our favorite familiar faces will definitely be returning. That includes Sprouse, Reinhart, Apa, Mendez, and Petsch. Without these actors, Riverdale simply wouldn’t be the same! We definitely need all the main stars to return for season 6 to be as glorious as its prior seasons. 

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa spoke to Decider about Riverdale season 6 saying, “I will say that we’re definitely picking up on a lot of the emotional relationship stories in season six. So a lot of the friendships and relationships and re-definition of relationships that we get to at the end of season five [will] continue into season six.”

There’s a lot to look forward to. Riverdale is known to be filled with love triangles, supernatural entities, murder mysteries, devastating heartbreaks, friendship betrayals, and more. Nothing has been mentioned about season 6 being the end.

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