Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Actor kamal Haasan and his family in self-isolation at different places

Shruthi Haasan’s request to her fans

The South superstar Kamal Haasan and his whole family are under quarantine in different cities and houses. His wife Sarika and his elder daughter Shruti Haasan are residing in a separate apartment in Mumbai, whereas his younger daughter and himself are residing at Chennai in different houses.

Singer and Actress Shruti Haasan stated to the Mumbai mirror that “I am used to being myself, but the difficult part is not having the option to go out and the looming fear of what all of this means for us. People have started taking it seriously in the last few days. Thankfully, by the time I returned, the shoots were also getting canceled. My entire family has self-isolated. Mum (actress Sarika) is in Mumbai as well but in another apartment, Dad (Kamal Haasan) and Akshara (sister) are in Chennai but in separate houses. All of us had different traveling schedules and it didn’t make sense for us to isolate together. That’s the decision I feel people should make,”

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