Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Confirming the commencement of Thala 56, Ajith’s next movie, Lakshmi Menon had expressed her excitement through a social media platform.

The movie which is tentatively titled as ‘Acchamillai’ will see Lakshmi play Ajith’s sister and her involvement in the project will start from the first day of shoot, according to sources.

Not surprisingly, the movie goes on floors from Thursday as the producer AM Ratnam’s fondness for a Thursday is well known within the Kollywood circle.

What’s surprising though is that the first schedule of shooting, which was designed to take place in Kolkata will now happen at Binny Mills, a favourite spot for our directors.

It is said that a huge set, resembling one of Kolkata’s famous chawl, has been erected there where the movie will literally have a kick ass start as a fight sequence will be canned first.

What’s more, a reliable source asserts that the movie will be released for Diwali, this year. November 9th is said to be the date, makers are eyeing on.

However, November 9th doesn’t fall on a Thursday and as Diwali actually starts from 11th, the release date might be tweaked a little to release the film on 12th of the same month.

Thala 56 will see Anirudh taking care of the musical bit for the first time when it comes to an Ajith movie. A couple of other first-times in this project includes the association of Lakshmi Menon and Shruti Haasan in an Ajith flick.