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Annabelle Sethupathi movie review

Horror films and an optimistic end are an oxymoronic combination. But, if you watch Annabelle Sethupathi, then you will come out of this idea. The film stars Vijay Sethupathi, Taapsee Pannu, Yogi Babu, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Jagapathi Babu, and Rajendra Prasad. So, here is the Annabelle Sethupathi movie review for the dear audience.

Annabelle Sethupathi story

This is the story of a group of ghosts stuck in some palace on their path to freedom. The film is the debut of Deepak Sundarrajan, its director. The casting is a powerful one that delivers a promising performance right from the beginning, but the audience could have expected it better.

In this film, Vijay Sethupathi plays the character of Veera Sethupathi, who was once a king. He was the owner of the palace, which was built for Annabelle, his wife. Got reminded of the Taj Mahal? Well, it is similar. The only difference is that the Taj Mahal doesn’t promise you a ghostly tour, which this palace surely does in the movie.

Sethupathi employed the world’s best masons to make the best palace in the world. Again, similarities with Taj Mahal spotted. Jokes apart, once this beauty was brought into existence, it also attracted some evil spirits.

After a few years, the palace became a place for some trapped ghosts with curse to not go outside. So, this becomes the film where the ghosts wait for some prince charming to rescue them from the curse.


If you judge the film by its premise, then it is rather simple and well-known. But, what turns the fate of the movie around is the fantasy-comedy genre. The audience usually doesn’t expect rationale in a horror film.

The director takes this advantage to employ the idea of reincarnation. However, while watching this movie, you should keep in mind that you should not take any of it seriously.

Horror flick as a genre doesn’t go with the film as much as fantasy comedy does. However, the film will bring a good cheer if you watch it with your friends even with its flaws. As Yogi Babu himself says, this film tries to subvert the already exhausted genre of horror films, hence the warning to look for logical things in the movie.

Annabelle Sethupathi movie review

Nothing is flawless, and Annabelle Sethupathi is not an exception. The screenplay is weak and doesn’t match with the imagination that can boost pathos or humor. However, the film explores relationships that are somewhat unlikely in a conventional horror film.

However, the comic timings and elements could have been better because the casting was full of star comedians. Also, Vijay Sethupathi enters the film after the interval. Also, his and Taapsee’s scenes lack the emotions that the audience needs to feel for the couple.

One good attraction is the acting of Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee Pannu, the great actor she already is, offers some magnificent performances when she performs with Rajendra Prasad, her father.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to have a good time and uplift your mood, you will like the movie. But, for that, you will have to deactivate your critical part of the brain. Rest assured, it can be a good time pass with your friends.

So, if you like the Annabelle Sethupathy movie review, then call your friends and have a good time together.

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