Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

BTS ARMY Slams James Corden After He Disrespects K-Pop Group and Its Fans Calling Them Unusual


New Delhi: The latest episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden has left BTS fans disappointed. In the episode, James Corden joked about BTS’ UN visit, which has left fans furious.Also Read – BTS’ Powerful Speech on Brighter Future, COVID Vaccines at UN General Assembly Goes Viral

BTS boys – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, who recently attended the UN General Assembly and delivered a speech as special envoys for the South Korean President, found their place in James Corden’s episode as well. James Corden joked about BTS’ visit to the UN and called them ‘unusual visitors’. Not just this, but the talk show host also joked about BTS’ fans called them ’15-year-old girls’. Also Read – BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung’s Obsessive Fan Comes Charging At Him Outside New York Restaurant | Watch

“The United Nations General Assembly kicked off this morning in New York City, and it started with some pretty unusual visitors… BTS were there. BTS visited the UN… Although lots of people are saying why are BTS there, the world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously. BTS has one of the largest ARMY on the planet earth. Historic moment. It actually marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were Secretary-General António Guterres,” James Corden had said. Also Read – BTS Boys Send Aww-Dorable Wishes To Army On Korea’s Great Festival: ‘Waiting To Meet ARMY Again’ | Watch

However, this disappointed fans who then took to Twitter slamming the talk show host for ‘disrespecting’ the K-pop septet. One of the ARMY members wrote, “James Corden, as a teenage girl myself I just want to take a moment to say leave us alone. I’m not brainless for liking a boy band, and neither does me liking a boy band invalidates their achievements. Stop using my gender and age as a way of mocking other people and what they do.” Another social media user sarcastically wrote, “So @latelateshow is supposed to be highlighting Climate Change issue and James Corden could’ve easily used BTS at UnitedNation hot topic to do this as BTS were especially vocal abt this issue but instead he went on a pathetic rant abt 15-year-olds…Great.”

At the United Nations General Assembly, BTS not only performed their new hit ‘Permission to Dance’, but also gave a tremendous speech about climate change, sustainable development amid the pandemic, and Covid vaccines.

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