Do you miss ‘Schitt’s Creek’? Commemorate with these memes – Film Dhamaka

Do you miss ‘Schitt’s Creek’? Commemorate with these memes – Film Dhamaka

Although nothing can live up to Schitt’s Creek’s greatness, the memes still live on. The sitcom that follows the once filthy rich, now dirt poor Rose family, remains one of the wittiest shows in recent history. With six seasons, Schitt’s Creek has a goldmine of meme material that just doesn’t get old. 

From Moira’s comprehensive wig collection to David’s scathing snark, we’ll never watch a family as hilarious as the Rose family. If you’re missing Schitt’s Creek like the rest of us, check out these memes to help pull you through before starting another rewatch.


Moira is one of a kind

Yes, Moira Rose is our religion. No, we won’t explain further.

We can all resonate with Moira’s tendency for exaggeration . . . .

Gaslighting & deceit? We think you mean Moira’s forte.


Poor Patrick😂 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #catherineohara #schittscreek #moirarose #davidrose #patrickbrewer

♬ original sound – catherineoharasbebe

David’s only flaw: his superior taste

We’re not judgemental, our faces just look like that.

We’ve all had our lows sitting in an Amish farm, right?

He is an inspiration to us all!


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♬ A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Babies? Ew.

We can’t forget David’s best lines in Schitt’s Creek.

Alexis being fabulous, as always

Can we all agree that her song was actually good?

It’s not a wedding dress, it’s a white floor-length gown.


this is not a wedding dress, it’s a white floor length gown #davidrose #alexisrose #WalmartFirstDayOutfit #schittscreek 6×14: happy ending

♬ original sound – Schitt’s Creek

What are your favorite memes & moments from Schitt’s Creek? Share your favorite memes in the comments below!

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