Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. The two top stars of Tamil cinema or to say the Indian cinema. It was in the past ,that the fans of both the heroes saw them in a multi starrer. But after attaining a particular star status, both the stars started exploring the world through their movies and were applauded universally.

But now, according to the latest reports, Mani Ratnam wishes to bring these two stars into a film under his direction. “But it did not develop further. It remained as just an idea,” he said.

But Problem of Mani regarding this project was explained by himself like, “it is difficult to zero in on a right story. If I want to make a film with Kamal, it should better ‘Nayagan’. Likewise, I should find a better script than ‘Thalapathi’ for Rajini. With this being the case, it is really difficult to find a script that would bring both of them together.”

But if his wish turns true, then will be the biggest celebration ever, for the duo actor fans and also the normal audience.