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Nandamuri Family is the one which won the trophy for the best profitable venture for distributors till date in 2015. “Pataas”, is the venture which attained this status in Tollywood. Even though the film “Temper” and “Gopala Gopala” got good talk and collections compared to “Pataas”, considering the investments of the distributors and the profits they got, “Pataas” is on the lead.

“Gopala Gopala” and “Temper” were made with 40 Crores plus budget and they managed to get that mark in the final run. Hence, the profits for the distributors is not too heavy. While “Pataas” has been made with less budget and the film has got immense profits, distributors as well as the film makers are quite happy with this venture.

“Pataas” remake rights have been sold till date for four different languages and the satellite rights too were stated to be given at a good amount. Mega Family ventures and Nandamuri Family ventures are yet to hit the screens in Summer. Till then, “Pataas” may take the top position in Tollywood.


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