Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Sushant Aatadukundam ra Teaser Released :  Sushanth’s birthday and to commend this event, the producers of Sushanth’s most recent film Aatadukundam Ra got the film’s teaser revealed by Sushanth’s uncle Nagarjuna. The film is coordinated by G Nageswara Reddy and delivered by Sushanth’s mom Naga Susheela and Chintalapudi Srinivas Rao.


The teaser begins off with a brisk flashes of legend Sushanth and with female lead Sonam furthermore several looks from their romantic tale.

Aatadukundam ra Movie teaser

At that point enters the prepared performing artist Murali Sharma who says “Oka Manishilo manchithanam lekapothe nakassalu nachhadu. At that point come the film’s humorists, Brahmanandam, Posani and Prudhvi in their typical expressions, neglecting to bring out any Smiles.

Sushanth, Sonam Bajwa in Aatadukundam Raa Movie Images

At that point comes the time machine setup, presumably to make Brahmanandam a dolt, much the same as each other business potboiler films do to Brahmi. The idea driving this  movie and whatever remains of the story ought to be viewed on the extra large screen.

Aatadukundam Ra teaser guarantees just the same old thing new and it is by all movies keeping money intensely on the done to death routine drama. In the times when even his uncle Nag quit business motion pictures and is following up on sensible movies, and rest of the members of his era as of now graduating to content arranged films, Sushanth still is by all accounts stuck into the old layout. It’s opportunity Sushanth acknowledges it and thinks of an alternate trailer next time.

Watch Aatadukundam ra Teaser  Here on Youtube :