Sussanne Khan moves back with Hrithik Roshan amid lockdown

Sussanne Khan moves back with Hrithik Roshan amid lockdown

Hrithik Roshan is so happy to be back with his Ex-wife and children 

In 2014 Hrithik and Sussanne divorced but raised their children together. We are seen together on many occasions and even go on holiday with their children. The couple never shied away from getting their kids together. During a time when the nation was lockdown, the War actor said it was impossible for him to think that he wanted to be separated from his children. He took to Instagram to share the news with a gorgeous Sussanne photo.

He wrote, “It is heart-warming to see the world coming together as one in this period of profound confusion and the likelihood of months of social isolation and possible lockdowns for maybe many weeks. I think it is more than just an idea, especially for parents who share custody of their children, how to keep their children close to them without violating the other’s right, which also has the same right to be with his / her children.

“This is an image of dear Sussanne (my ex-wife), who graciously offered to travel temporarily out of her home so that our children will not be separated from either of us forever. Thank you Sussanne for being so helpful and thorough on our co-parenting journey. The kids should tell them the story we’re making for them. I hope and pray that we will all find our way to communicate compassion, empathy, bravery, determination with an open heart to safeguard the wellbeing of ourselves and of our loved ones, “he added.

Hrithik and Sussanne ended their 17-year-old relationship in 2013 and finalized their divorce in November 2014.

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