Sat. May 18th, 2024

Only reading out, explaining what’s written in the textbooks, and taking tests is not enough for effective teaching. To make students listen, participate in the classes more, learn better regularly, grow and improve their learning skills, giving feedback to the students is an important duty that all teachers must perform. 

To make students academically successful and enhance their teaching abilities too, giving regular feedback to students is important. Let us discuss some of the tips that teachers can follow to give effective and more valuable feedback to the students. 

Benefits of feedback 

  • Maintain interactions between teachers and students. 
  • Help students to improve their learning skills regularly. 
  • Help teachers to check students’ understanding. 
  • Make teaching and learning more effective. 
  • Encourage interpersonal relationships between teachers and students. 
  • Promotes the academic growth and success of the learners and also helps teachers to grow too. 

Tips for teachers to give valuable feedback to students 

  1. Teach your students to take feedback constructively

As a teacher, along with teaching in the classroom, and doing other duties, giving feedback to the students also comes under your duties only. And to complete this duty effectively, you must make students trained for this too. Several times the suggestions, and improvement remarks given as the feedback are not taken positively by the students. 

They take it negatively, feel discouraged and disconnected from the teachers too. To avoid this from happening, teach your students to take the feedback given constructively and positively. It is for their betterment and growth in academics only, hence not taking it in any other means. 

  1. Make your feedback timely

The main purpose of feedback is to make students see how they performed and to guide them for more betterment and improvement. But if the feedback won’t be given timely, students will not get enough time or the suggestions may not become useful for them. If the feedback is given too long after the action happened, students lose that connection and touch with the work. Hence teachers must ensure to give the feedback as soon as possible. By using LMS, you can manage the student’s performance and submissions better to give timely feedback. 

  1. Include written remarks too 

It is not possible to remember word to word or everything you heard from someone. The same happens with the students too. When teachers only give vocal or oral feedback students are not able to remember all when they sit to do the work. For example, students submitted an assignment and in return, you gave vocal feedback to them and asked them to resubmit after making corrections. 

When students sit to correct there is a probability that they might not remember what you asked them to do. Hence giving written feedback is helpful. Also, students can refer to this type of feedback as many times as they want to for working and learning better. 

  1. Keep a track of students performance regularly

Your feedback should not be limited to the assignments, homework, and notebooks submitted by students for checking. To make students grow better overall, enhance their learning abilities, and give feedback by tracking their performance regularly. 

By using a management system this can work. LMS full form is a learning management system that teachers can use to maintain a record of students’ performance, participation, and listening in the classrooms. By checking this, give feedback to the students. The ones you find participating, interacting and listening less in the classes, find the reasons behind them and help them to improve.

  1. Explain to them how to improve

Only writing and saying in the feedback to improve, rewrite, resubmit, or only highlighting the mistakes made by the students don’t work that well. Feedback means something that provides students with ways to improve as well. While giving feedback to the students, after telling the errors and mistakes, ensure to explain to them the ways and tips which they can follow to improve their learning skills and work effectiveness. 


Feedback has several benefits to the students as well as teachers. To make students analyze their mistakes, and find the measures to improve and become better, giving feedback to them is important and something that all teachers must follow. By following the above-mentioned tips, which are to make students constructive, being on time, explaining the ways to improve, tracking the regular performance, and giving written remarks as well, teachers can give more meaningful and valuable feedback to the students. 

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