Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Ajith Kumar is not just a movie star but also a phenomenal figure in India. What makes Ajith Kumar special? That isn’t is the question. Even after several surgeries he came back to acting because he wants to entertain his fans.

Here we listing some interesting facts about Ajith Kumar, who is fondly called as Thala by his massive fan following.

1. Ajith’s first film was never released as the director died during filming.

2. After dropping out of school before completing his Higher Secondary education in 1986, Ajith worked as a Two wheeler mechanic , The only thing that made him do this work is his passion for motor bikes and cars.

3. Ajith’s first love was not to movies but racing! He invested huge amounts into it and even used to borrow equipments. An accident ended his career in racing. By that time his talent as an actor was discovered however.

4. Ajith spent over INR 25,000 on a spanking new helmet. Of course, it’s no ordinary helmet, it is Wifi enabled, has an inbuilt camera and can probably even direct films. Ok, we’re kidding.

5. Ajith is a certified Formula race driver! He is ranked number 3 in India at his peak! It is an incredible record as he is one of the best drivers of Formula 2.

6. Ajith is one of the very few to fly a fighter jet! and also holds a pilot license.

7. Ajith was traumatized after a bike accident in the year 1992 which lead him to lay on bed for almost 2 years! This never stopped Thala from driving! .

8. After his surgery for a broken vertebra Ajith lost feeling in his legs, but he took on a vow to recover and walked all the way from his home in Madras to the Balaji shrine in Tirupati, in Andhra Pradesh.

9. Ajith had younger twin sisters, both of whom died at a young age.

10. Ajith also created an NGO called Mohini-Mani Foundation, named after his parents, in order to promote self-hygiene and civic consciousness.