Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal Movie Review » Film Dhamaka

Direction: Dr. Biju
Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Nedumudi Venu, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Salim Kumar
Music: Jayadevan Chakkadath
Cinematographer: Saravanan Abhimanyu
Editor: Karthik Jogesh
Genre: Drama

Making a strong political statement, “Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal” directed by Dr.Biju narrated in a documentary styled manner discuss the tragedy and horror of the deadly pesticide endosulphan and its after effects in a remote village of Kasargode.

Having said documentary, there is no lagness in the narrative. The subject makes for a compelling watch even with the disturbing visuals of the real victims which makes one deeply saddened seeing the plight of the innocent children suffering from the tragedy after the spraying of endosulpan.

The ground reality is there is no end to the miseries of the people as even now the consequences of spraying the poisonous pesticide in the cashew plantations of Kasargode is felt.

Narrated from the viewpoint of a photographer (based on reputed photo journalist Maduraj of Mathrubhumi), Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal or rather Birds with large wings is a referral to helicopter through which the spraying of endosulpan started.

Kunchaco Boban plays the central character and for him from what I have read, had tears in his eyes while filming his scenes along with the real victims. So no glycerin was required since he was deeply touched seeing the sufferings of the victims.

Prakash Bare as the doctor doing the treatment of the victims was able to put up a nice act in front of the camera. Anumol, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaramudu, Thambi Antony are also part of the cast along with the real victims who play a major part in the narrative.

Cinematography by MJ Radhakrishnan is a major highlight of the film helping the technical side. Editing and sound design too play a prominent part in giving a major facelift to the film.

Actually, this is a film belonging to another level and Dr.Biju has presented it in a way giving maximum prominence to the overall subject. He has done his homework well doing proper research on the subject. Thats evident from the script itself and also his understanding of the real issue has helped Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal to be a genuine and sincere attempt that deserves appreciation.

Already shown and appreciated at various film festivals, Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal is one movie towards which we cannot turn a blind eye citing the lack of the so called cinematic elements. Yes its more of a documentary film throwing light on reality and a genuine issue and hence in my view the mode of narration adopted is the right approach.

Review by Chandra Mohan