Yash Puri’s new Telugu drama on ZEE5 is an engaging mosaic of conflicting emotions

Yash Puri’s new Telugu drama on ZEE5 is an engaging mosaic of conflicting emotions

Movie: Alanti Sitralu
Net Cast: Yash Puri, Shwetta Parashar, Prawin Yendamuri, Dayanand Reddy, Tanvi Akaanksha, Ajay Kathurvar, Ravi Varma
Net Director: Supreeth C Krishna
Where to Watch: ZEE5
Reviewed by: Russel D’Silva

Check out the five main reasons you should watch Yash Puri and Shwetta Parashar’s Telugu drama, Alanti Sitralu on ZEE5 in our Alanti Sitralu review…

Conflicting emotions

One thing that Alanti Sitralu gets spot on is the way it engages you in myriad conflicting emotions, each tied to the next, all very relatable, ensuring that you care for the outcome of the characters on screen.

4-way Drama

The four main characters – Yash (Ajay Kumar Kathurvar), Pallavi (Shweta Parashar), Raag (Yash Puri), and Dilip (Prawin Yendamuri) – of the plot are also well connected to each others, their journeys intertwined and influential of each other’s outcomes, leaving you invested in how they’ll eventually impact each others lives.

Watch the Alanti Sitralu trailer below:

Prawin Yendamuri

The highlight amongst the ensemble cast is Prawin Yendamuri as Dilip, who impresses with his body language expressions, voice modulations, intonations and also how his eyes convey his innermost feelings at times.

Yash Puri and Ajay Kathurvar

From the rest of the cast, it’s Yash Puri and Ajay Kathurvar, who lend the best support to Prawin Yendamuri. While they’re not as much on the money as he is, they do a competent job of acting as sturdy pillars, where the rest of the cast hardly offer a helping hand to Prawin.

Visually appealing

Alanti Sitralu is technically great to look at, with the production values being right out of the top drawer for a small-budget OTT release, and Karthik Sai Kumar’s camerawork right up there with the best in the Telugu film industry. Santhu Omkar’s music may not leave a mark, with none of the songs making any difference to the narrative, but his background score sure helps in breathing life into the drama.

Rating :
3 out of 5

3 Star Rating

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