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rope barriers and belt barriers for your business

Rope and belt barriers are a great way to bring order to a busy entrance, especially if you are preparing a grand event or your business is seeing a lot of disorganised queuing. You can easily keep customers / visitors away from certain areas, or set up a dedicated queue management system. Here is our handy guide to rope and belt barriers and how to use them in your business.

Rope barriers

Rope-barriers are often used at glamorous events or high-end hotels where people will expect a more luxurious vibe. Rope barriers give off a sense of luxury and so are mainly used in such settings.

The ropes come in different colours and the accompanying metal stanchions offer a choice of different finishes to complement the style of the place. With this in mind it will not be hard to match them to any event or luxury setting you may need them for.

People often respect rope barriers as a more sophisticated way to block off rooms or spaces or organise a pathway. However, for a rowdier crowd, rope barriers may prove ineffective.

Rope barriers are also more expensive than belt barriers. So, while they do give off a VIP experience vibe, if you have a tight budget you may want to look at your options and consider a belt barrier instead.

Belt barriers

Belt barriers are mainly used in stores, airports, banks etc. to bring order to queues. They have a more business-like vibe to them and are also good for containing larger crowds for example, at a concert or festivals.  Belt barriers are also often used in an industrial setting, either to create clear pathways or to create barricades around a spill or damage.

They are very versatile, as the belts can be quickly moved to create a different configuration. A belt can be taken off to allow more people to join a queue or put on to slow the progress of an oncoming crowd.

Belt barriers are more cost effective than rope barriers and are more versatile as they come with different options.

In conclusion

The things you should consider before investing in a rope or belt barriers are:

What type of venue or event are you running? Is it for a concert, an industrial site, airport or supermarket; or is it for a gala or a movie premiere etc?

Second, what kind of budget are you working with?

Last, but not least, what size and type of crowd are you expecting? Will they respect a rope barrier or do you need something that exerts more control over people who may be pushing and shoving?

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